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What is VitalPBX?

VitalPBX is a free fully featured small business telephone and communications system. It is a complete platform that can be installed on physical hardware on-site or as a hosted application. VatialPBX acts as the top layer interface to the foundation of Linux then Asterisk (one of the most popular communications toolkits in the world). Put simply VitalPBX is the graphical User Interface between you and the complex world of modern communications, VitalPBX will help you implement a secure telephone system for your business, make savings, take advantage of recent innovations and give you opportunities to integrate your business processes if you wish to do so.

Who made VitalPBX?

VitalPBX was originally developed by Telesoft under the name of Ombutel over four years ago, for the last two years Telesoft joined forces with Xorcom who have aided them in making significant improvements to the product. Since the 1st September 20017 Telesoft has resumed full rights & development responsibilities of VitalPBX & have stated that they wish to continue its development & distribution as a free platform.  

Some of Telesofts current stated aims for the future of VitalPBX

  • Development and documentation of the API for integration with third parties
  • Software optimizations (Performance, Usability)
  • Integration of the PJSIP (Extensions, Trunks)
  • Module to perform Full System Backup / Recovery.
  • Integration of commercial modules:
  1. Call Detail and Tariff Recording
  2. Recordings Management
  3. Switchboard (New Monitoring Panel)
  • Free Add-ons (Installable from the GUI):
  1. DPMA
  2. Chat Based on XMPP
  3. Custom Context
  4. IVR Statistics
  5. Video Conference based on WEBRTC
  6. Home Automation and more!

Where can I get VitalPBX from?

The VitalPBX telephone system can be downloaded free of charge or registration from the VitalPBX website:






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