External grade cable

Some things you should consider are not to choose an option that has limitations on usage or one that overcharges you for unlimited use. After you have selected the right supplier (Sky, (BT, Plusnet EE) O2, EE, ZEN, TalkTalk, etc) for you, it might be worth while looking at your local wiring (internal or external) & making sure it meets your needs.

Despite what many customers are told on their installation day, it is indeed possible to relocate your NTE5 master socket as well as have extension telephone socket points working around the property without causing any major problems to your fibre broadband service.

So why not get all your wiring done the way you want it prior to your Openreach engineers visit, its one way to make sure you get your fibre router sited in your preferred location. Plus its a great way to help make things run smoothly on the day of your installation, it might even give your engineer enough extra time to go the extra mile when it comes to performance tuning your fibre broadband service.

Burytec can pre wire cables for extra telephone sockets that will function at your preferred locations before your FTTC installation has been ordered, so if you need  additional access for your phones, alarm, PDQ, Sky box or fax machine it will be better to plan it out before your Openreach engineer visit.

Burytec use high quality, branded external grade cable, this can be installed ready for your preferred NTE5 & FTTC VDSL faceplate location, alternatively Burytec can custom make an Ethernet cable long enough to go from the location of your fibre router to the point at which you wish to site your equipment.

infinity fibre master filter socketWhy does the engineer need to visit?

The technology used for your new connection is called VDSLv2 (Very high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line), in order for you to benefit from VDSLv2 BT Openreach will install a new service specific face plate as well as make some minor changes to your wiring if required. On the day of your installation a modem or a modem router will be installed, connected, configured & tested. As such you are advised to have mains power available at your preferred point of installation.

The inconvenience of having a BT Openreach engineer visit for installation on an AM or PM time slot is clearly not acceptable for all. This point has been acknowledged by many of the organiastions involved in the provisioning process of your FTTC service. As such self installation trails shave already completed, should it be possible to offer a self install FTTC service the installation fee will be reduced or waived completely. However this option relies on the hope that your internal wiring configuration is correct, this will generally produce an acceptable best effort performance. 

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