Ten Things That Could Help If You Have FTTC Fault

fttc socket

During the engineer visit for your FTTC installation some changes were made to your NTE5 master socket, if you did not have one a new one would have been installed by the engineer.

It is possible for your FTTC faceplate to actually develop a fault that will stop the dial tone passing through it. However this is easy to diagnose if you plug a phone directly into the NTE5 test port.

Just as with ADSL broadband, if you have no dial tone or a very noisy dial tone at your test port you will need to resolve this issue first. Report it to you telephone line service supplier 9 times out of 10 this will also resolve your broadband connection problem.

FTTC services actually have there demarcation point defined as the modem supplied by the Openreach engineer on installation. Although this is often in the same location as thefttc modem NTE5, it can also be up to 30 meters away from this point.

Openreach offer a data extension kit service, any Openreach installed data extension wiring comes with a one-year warranty and then becomes the end user’s property.


Check your cables are securely & correctly located located.


There should be one cable connected from your fibre modem to your master socket.


There should be an Ethernet cable connected from LAN1 of your FTTC modem to a WAN port on your router.

While you are trying to to diagnose problems you should use a Ethernet cable from one of the router LAN ports to connect to your computer.

You should deal with any wireless connections issues after you have clearly established a working wired connection


Power down all your equipment


note : rapidly switching electrical equipment  on and off can sometimes cause damage, you should allow at least 30 seconds wait time before you turn the power back on.


Switch off and unplug the BT Openreach modem from the power socket.


Switch off your router.


Switch off your computer.

Plug in and switch the BT Openreach modem back on and wait until the DSL light turns green. This may take a few minutes.

If the DSL light on your modem doesn't turn green and you've already checked the connections and cables and any internal wiring, report this as  a fault to your service supplier.

Plug in and switch on your router and wait for the Internet light to become active, if your router dose not respond to your working modem you may have to reset your router. This may require technical assistance to correctly configure the required setting in the router. This may effect any special configuration such as port forwarding or VPN access.

router resetResets can be carried out by locating the reset button normally accessed through a small whole using a paper clip, check your router documentation for the length of time to press the rest button.


If you need assistance to help resolve your fibre broadband connection issues please contact Burytec

Note many new fibre installation now come with a single modem router unit, this is great for space saving & is one less power point required for your set up.

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