Having logged back into your telephone system dashboard you will probablly notice the pannel areas in red, indicating that there are some problems.

Dashboard module errors.png

Before we start to look into these problems we will need to access the command line interface of our system again. We may do this directly at the terminal or by using SSH. Run the following command's at the prompt "yum upgrade nodejs" click Y to confirm the upgrade. Now run "yum remove prosody" click yes to confirm.

yum upgrade nodejs.png


In order to understand what is going on we will need to click on the red text "You have 5 disabled modules" followed by clicking on the red RESOLVE box just below the summary of the disabled modules.

disabled modules resolve botton.png


You should now be presented with a listing of modules with details of the version, track, publisher, license type & status. Click on the Check Online button just above the modules list.

check online button.png


Look through the modules list & find one called "process Managment" expand this one by clicking on the name, change the action from "No Action "to "Install". Scroll to the top or bottom of the page to finfd the process button. Click on the "Process" button  & confirm this installation action.


Process Managment Module Install.png


You should now be able to process all the free modules, XMPP & Digium Addons. The commericial modules will  continue to display as errors until you acquire a license. 



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