Part 2 - Initial login, create adminstration account & activate your system ready for configuration

FreePBX logging into the Graphical User Interface for the first time.


Step 1


Using a computer on the same network as your FreePBX telephone system server, open a broswer and type the IP address of your telephone system into the url and press enter. You will be presented with a screen to create an administrion user, password & email address. If you are intending to put your system into service sooner rather than later use a strong password here. Click on the create account button the continue with the details you have entered.



Step 2


You should now be presented with the floowing landing page.




FreePBX Administration is where you will be able to configure your telephone system, click here and enter the user details you created in the previous step.

  • User Control Panel 

  • Operator Panel - screen that allows an operator to control calls

  • Official FreePBX Support:


Step 3


You will now be asked to activate your system



Click on activate to continue, where you will need to enter some details in order to create a portal account.




Step 4



Follow the instructions until you are able to activate with a new or exisiting deployment ID


Step 5


On completion of your activation you will be presented with a short slide show, for now just read them & click on skip. You should be presented with a locales screen, for now just use English United states for the system language & click on submit.



Step 6


You should now be presented with the smart firewall configuration wizard, for now just click on abort. This wizard can be activated later should it be required for your deployment.



Step 7


Read the SipStation advert, this maybe of interest to you.



Step 8


Click on not now to continue to the system dashboard, where you will be able to see a live summuary of your activated FreePBX telephone system ready for you to start the configuration process.



You have now created an administration user & completed your initial log in, your system is ready for you at start configuring. Have a look around to get a taste of how much potential & versatility your new telephone system has to offer. When you have finished go to Admin – System Admin – Network Setting change the ip assigment to static & click on save interface. This should keep the IP address the same for next time we log in to do some configuration.


Step 9


When you have finished looking around, made & saved the changes to the IP address assignment go to Admin – System Admin – Power Options and click on Power Off. We will look at initial configrations in part 3 onwards.


Step 10


The system should ask you to confirm you wish to power off as shown in the following screen, type poweroff and click ok. You Telephone system should now shoutdown.




If you are in the Greater Manchester area and need some help wiring or setting up your FreePBX telephone system then contact Peter at Burytec Telephone Engineer Manchester service.

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