Part 1 - Download & install AsteriskNow your free telephone system server software

Step 1

Download the AsteriskNow ISO file from As we are talking about using an old PC it is highly recommended that you select the 32 bit version.

AsteriskNow telephone system Download.png

Step 2

Burn the ISO file to a DVD or USB stick, this will be dependent on available boot device options provided on your old PC. Typically in Windows 10 you should be able to simply insert your preferred media in the computer you used to download the ISO image file, followed by right clicking the ISO file to reveal the context menu which should display a burn disc image option. This should open the Windows 10 built in Disc Image Burner Tool. Additional help can be found by searching Google or Youtube.

Step 3

Once you have successfully created your AsteriskNow telephone system boot media its time to insert it into your old computer. You may need to configure your old computer to boot from your AsteriskNow DVD/USB install media. If there are no boot message on the startup screen, such as press F12 for boot options you may need to access the BIOS to set your boot device as required. Please, note that the installation process will delete all files on the old computer and install a completely new operating system in the form of the AstriskNow Linux distribution, so ensure that you have already made copies of any files you want to keep. You should also ensure that there is an active internet connection during the process.

Step 4

Power cycle your old PC as rquired in order to insert your boot media (DVD/USB) and start the installation process.

Step 5

At the welcome screen select " Full Install -- No RAID"

Select Asterisk 13 Full Install No RAID.png

Step 6

Enable IPv4 dynamic DHCP for now we well change this to a manual configuration after the installation, Disable IPv6.

Step 7

Set the timezone to Europe/London

Step 8

Enter a root password for the AsteriskNow Linux Distribution

Step 9

Once the initial installation, automatic reboot, test for internet access & FreePBX modules update is complete, (this should take approximately 60 - 70 minutes, however, the modules updates could also take up to 20 minutes), you will be presented with a login prompt. Enter root as the user, use the system password you entered in step 8, you will now be presented with the AsteriskNow FreePBX information screen which should include information about the current IP address of the system and access to full system administration at the # prompt. If you need to check the IP address, just type ip address at the # prompt and hit return/enter on the keyboard. Look at the details under the eth0 for your systems Local Area Network ip address. 

Step 10

You are now ready to access your system & configure FreePBX to act as your telephone system, using any other device on the same network as your AsteriskNow installation open a web browser and type the system IP address in the URL, hit enter and follow the instructions for the initial setup.

If you are in the Greater Manchester area and need some help wiring or setting up your FreePBX telephone system then contact Peter at Burytec Telephone Engineer Manchester service.

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